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Monday, May 31, 2010

That Old Black Magic

What we do, when we do what we do, and oh we do it so well...

Let me mesmerize and tantalize you with our black magic spell...

Hey, it's my blog I can do lame poetry if I want, right? Okay, I'll knock it off.  What isn't lame is this, lookie.....

Isn't it beautiful?  Do you know what this is?

THIS, my lovely friends is the Black Magic Technique (or velvet Elvis painting as I like to call it).   Do you see the printing/script to the left of the art?  THAT is detailed instructions on how you do this beautiful technique....and THAT is what we do every month at Technique Club.  Oh yes!

Every month I get together with my Technique Club ladies and we make a 6x6" embellished page with the technique instructions, the sample of the technique (which they add to a 6x6" scrapbook)...

PLUS...we make two projects in addition to learning the monthly technique. 

It's a fun afternoon (or evening) out, and since they always leave with a detailed/sample of what they learned...they have a wonderful reference to keep and can reproduce everything at home!

It's brilliant, really, we have such a great time! 

If you're in the Edmonton area and want to join or start a techniques class with me as your instructor, please contact me through the links in the header of this blog, or pop over to the Prairie Paperie page on facebook and send me a message!

When you do visit the Prairie Paperie page on facebook you'll meet some lovely people and see a variety of projects and my latest classes and events. 

I've also posted this for the amusement and enjoyment of your eyeballs and inner craftmonster, isn't it pretty!  Details are on the facebook page, come join us and say hello and introduce yourself why don't ya?

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