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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wow. WOW. Have You Seen THIS?

Wow. WOW. Have You Seen THIS?SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

The 80's called and they want me back

It's another colour challenge by Kristina Werner! You can view her blog here.

This colour challenge was difficult. I do not work well with primary colours. I almost bailed on this challenge, and maybe after you see what I created you might wish I had! ha!

And I'm not a practicing scrapbooker.

What did I make? You got it, a 12x12" scrapbook page with colours that made me lie awake at night thinking...what to do...what to do...

Then as I sat staring into my pile of designer papers...Rockabilly jumped out with its big jumbo polka dots and i was taken back to a time of big bold colours, big patterns, big hair, big flowers, big attitude, big music....YES YES...the 1980's called and they want me back!

So here's my Big Bad scrapbook page. It's got all the colours, big texture, big flowers, acrylic paint on window sheet,'s got it all.... The journalling is my favourite movies and bands from the 80's. The pictures are of me having an 80's moment with my shirt, hair and eyemakeup. The feel i was going for was kind of a funky 80's teen magazine pinup/locker layout...all that was missing was some notebook paper ripped from a scribbler.

The picture with the paper clip can hang from the black strip at the top, or tuck into the polkadot there are options baby!

Next is a closeup of the flower, black Stampin' Up! grommets baby! YUMMO. The flower was created with my Daisy die and my BigShot die cutting machine. You can see THOSE in my online store

Next up you can see the matching blue paper clippie, the pockets, the painting and more. I hope you enjoy it! PS...did I mention that as I was printing my pix, the printer splatted black ink all over's the project that almost killed the crafter! Video may have killed the radio star...but I survived....oh dear...I'm about to go on an 80's music escapade...I leave you now!

The 80's called and they want me backSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend