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Friday, May 14, 2010

3D Thanks!

A great big
(and I mean really big)
thank you to all my blog readers.

My blog is now over 5000 visits!

This goes out to you...

If you are a reader or a visitor would you please leave a comment and say "hi" maybe where you are from and how you discovered my blog?  (or just hi!) I'd love to know who you are!

I hand cut this bad boy with a hobby blade.  The proof is in the rough edges and awkward but beautiful hearts. Does anyone who specializes in 'fussy cuts' have tips you can share on how to cut around curves with a hobby blade?

Side note to my best friend: (Leigh if you are reading this I did NOT pick up a hobby blade...I hired trained professionals who specialize in the art of utilizing sharp utensils)....

I love this card, it was so fun to make and it's definitely a 'wow' item.  It is a HUGE card at 4x8" and when you open the card the word THANKS pops right out at you! BAM!  I like that...a bit of drama suits me fine!

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Pretty Vintage Butterfly

Here's a quick and sneaky peek at what I'm working on....I've prepared this for the 90 beautiful stampers and scrappers who will be our team meeting/training event next weekend and I sure hope they love it!

It's all kinds of pretty when you see the whole thing, but I can't show you the whole's a secret.

I can tell you it uses the new Elements of Style stamp set from the new and fabulous Summer Mini Catalogue (which you can see on my website).  Click here.

It also uses the butterfly die for the BigShot machine (every household should have one of these...I'm not kidding).  Whether you papercraft, sew, quilt or work with metal...this machine is amazing.  It puts the 'zing' in the word amazing.  Trust me. 

Have fun creating!

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