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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I WANT CANDY - Enjoy the Little Things Colour Challenge

It's time for another crafty colour challenge!

Sorry it's taken so long to post an inspiration picture....I kept waffling back and forth and I was quite indecisive about what the next colour challenge should be.

I wanted something different from the last batches of colour and I wanted to stay away from MY personal 'go to colours'...which always seem to be chocolate and "insert colour here".

I said out loud to myself (and I'm so pathetically food centric) "what do I like other than chocolate..?" and then my inner-self replied "candy". I know, right? <--pathetic!!

So I give you the "I WANT CANDY" or "ENJOY THE LITTLE THINGS" colour challenge. OH and since candy is little, that's why you should have several. I'm just sayin....

So you have two weeks to submit your crafty goodness using the following colours:
  • pretty in pink
  • almost amethyst
  • apricot appeal
  • barely banana
  • sage shadow
  • whisper white (not listed but always accepted)

You do not have to use ALL of the colours listed, but be assured that if you DO...I will totally be WOW-ed. You will have wow-ed me.

OH, and see that little crown on the bubble gum wrapper...if you manage to work in a crown into your project(s)...I will be SUPER WOW-ed.

So who remembers the song "I Want Candy"? Who's got that going through their head now? What is your favourite candy? I'm to me, leave me comments!

For those of you playing in the challenge, the deadline will be March 28, 2010 ( I'm feeling generous with time!!). Go crazy! Go create!

Please remember to submit a DIRECT link to your project (not just your blog address, but the link to the atual post that you want us all to admire!). If you don't blog, no can use a photo site such as Flickr or if you've posted to a gallery like Splitcoast Stampers...just hook us up through there!

Happy Creating! Please use the submission tool here:

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Sharon said...

oooh, another yummy challenge! You are very lucky that I have jelly beans in the house right now, otherwise I would be mad at you for all the candy talk! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE CANDY - any kind, all kinds (although chewy, gummy things are best, and coke flavoured gummy things are the best of the best)! My challenge will be not pigging out while I complete your challenge! :)

FieryCanuck77 said...

Now these are my colours! :) I'm going to have fun with this one. So Spring-y and Easter-y! :)

I love chocolate, but in other cases, I'll happily take those cheapy candies at the gas station! The Big Foot ones, the coke bottles, the giant sour keys....yum! :) I also love black licorice, like goodies. Oh! and I love Love love Rockets and Toffee Kisses at Hallowe'en! Can't seem to find the toffee kisses any other time of the year. *sigh* Now you've got me jonesin' for candy! LOL

Leslie Hanna said...

So NOT my colors! So I only used two of them - pink and white. It's the wrong green, and no blue or amethyst. So shoot me. I'll try again later in the week.

Oh, and I'll do almost anything for circus peanuts. (the orange marshmallow stuff - pure sugar.)

NicoleBStampin said...

Oh How Fun! I accept the challenge! And of course now I am craving candy! I am a mint girl, especially chocolate and mint! Yum, Yum!

Kerri said...

Yikes! You woulda thunk that the rockets colors would cause me to shudder? Sorry, no crown!!

leslie said...

Okay, I got them all in this last one. But now I realize I forgot the crown! Drat!

Chelle (hanwayink) said...

mmmm... candy. I made some cards for you! no crown here either though :( One does have all the colors though :)