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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Chocolate Orange Challenge Roundup

Here is the gorgeous display of beauty that is the Chocolate Orange Colour Challenge roundup!

Drumroll and applause please....You all created this!

Together you pushed your creative limits, used colours you weren't fond of together (I heard this one alot), you took a risk and posted for your very first time, or you did a challenge for your very first time, you thought outside of the box, you did something different, and all together you made a beautiful collection of art.

I celebrate all of your talents. I enjoyed each and every creation. Thank you for sharing yourselves and your talents with me.

You all helped me with my theme word of the year. BEGIN. Guess what: I learned how to use mr.linky and I learned to do a little funky collage with My Digital Studio to showcase your art, and I enjoyed this so much that I'd like to do 1-2 challenges per month.

Many of you have said that the 10 days (even 2 weeks) was a pleasurable deadline, no pressure and very rewarding to get to bring out your new/old or repurposed supplies. This is great feedback and I will keep the same timeframes for future challenges. My eyeballs have been all over a few things in the house for another please stay tuned and check back in the next few days! Invite your friends to come and play as well!

Thank you for leaving comments and supporting each other. (If I knew how to put a hotspot or link over each picture so you could all click on each picture to get to one another's know I would do it.) In the meantime, I will have to ask you visit each other by clicking on the links below.

PS. I was only going to pick 10, but 11 of you submitted, and we have 12 cards. That would be like making me pick only two of my 3 children. IMPOSSIBLE. So I picked all of you. Nicole B. who had posted two cards for the challenge, I pick them both! I loved it all. So go visit each other, tell each other how amazing you are and keep posting!

Just a quick summary by name (and as appearing left to right in the above collage):

  1. PaperGrace (Lisa)

  2. Sue F

  3. Kerri R

  4. Nicole B

  5. Jillville

  6. Kabluey (Ee)

  7. Nicole B

  8. CrookedStamper (Leslie)

  9. LoriAnne.

  10. Mary Dawn

  11. Allison

  12. Sharon W

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Leslie Hanna said...

YAY! This was fun! I met some new people in the process, and my Google Reader will NEVAH be the same again. ;-)

Looking forward to the next challenge!

WV: movelus
Dahlink, you look movelus!

FieryCanuck77 said...

it was a fun challenge, D. I am excited about the next one! Everyone had such neat interpretations and came up with beautiful results.

FieryCanuck77 said...

OH! I love how you used the MDS to showcase the cards! very clever!

Leigh said...

Even though I only stalked this time around, I am jealous of the talent and fun had so count me in for next time!

Anonymous said...

Wow...absolutely beautiful work. I was wondering what people would come up with :) and I am amazed!

CarmenT said...

What exactly is wrong with Chocolate and Orange? Very beautiful together. So much so they make an actual Chocolate Orange at Christmas time. LOL.

Dreena Guptill said...

You're right Carmen, the chocolate orange is a worthy confection. You also get to smack it ... then unwrap. :)