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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

For the Love of BLUE

Monday was a special day for a special lady. Lydia's great day started off with a big birthday bang! We secretly planned and schemed behind her back...she taught us all the previous week how to do a 'blog hop' and we used her own super powers against her. BWAHAHAHAHA. (evil laughter).

You all may know Lydia from and I have had the good fortune to meet with her on Twitter as a person with an amazing sense of humour, a big, kind and generous heart, a lover and guardian angel of furry pets and animals, a fellow stamper....and well darn it, she's just AS SWEET AS PIE. (and she loves bacon)
So if you don't know her, you will soon because even though I'm late and I couldn't participate in the blog hop formal, I'm going to link you up with the first stop on the Understand BLUE Birthday Blog Hop, right after this tribute to Lydia.

So, last week I made playdough with my small girl. From scratch. Am I a good mommy or what?

It was a cinch, and I become Mommy/Hero to a four year old. Good times.

She of course wanted BLUE (who wouldn't, we understand blue, blue is good, Lydia has shown us the way!)

So we made a variety of things....oh wait what's THIS:

A BLUE ACORN....ODD, how did that get here? We shouldn't just have these things hanging around, because if you have acorns you'll attract...

Squirrels....whoa....see how fast that happened? Well hello little blue guy.

I see you like this little blue acorn. Would you like to have it ? (what am I going to do with this squirrel? I've got to play playdough with my small girl and then get a birthday wish out to Lydia???)

No. NO....c'mere little dude, come no...don't go there, that's not for YOU.

OH NO. He's spied the Chocolate Espresso Bacon Cupcakes from the First Annual Twitter Bacon Blog Hop with Lydia and friends. Back away little Buddy! THAT CUPCAKE IS LYDIA'S! IT'S NOT EVEN FROSTED YET.

Oh dear, he's got a crazed bacon look in his eyes. His tail is twitching. What will he choose? BLUE ACORN or Bacon? (i know I's a hard choice!)

There he goes.....

Well there you have it. You can't resist anything with Bacon. Not even if you're a BLUE SQUIRREL!

Sorry Lydia, looks like this little guy had your cake and ate it too! But I hope your birthday was fan-freakin-tastic!

Now as promised, here is the first stop to Lydia's SURPRISE Understand Blue Birthday Blog Hop.

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Leslie Hanna said...

As soon as I saw the acorn, I knew ... OMG, a blue squirrel! How fun! This was a hoot! Thanks for playing!

gary guetzlaff said...

that was so funny, it reminded me of a Mr. Bill movie. Nice job on the artwork, too. this has been such a fun project!

Dreena Guptill said...

Thanks Leslie and Gary!

You guys are great creative souls to work with as well, truly a pleasure.

Mariam Kobras said...

That blue squirrel - too cute for words! What a great idea! Love your post.

Leigh said...

Nuts to your acorn! I think you should make acorns your life, you obviously have a talent, delve into it!