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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Hoop-la (and my absence explained)

This is not paper crafty, but I beg you to not turn away...

I have been creating...

In the garage (of all places!)

Beautiful things...amazing things.... I posted this today on Twitter and Facebook.....

Do you know what it is?  Here's another....

You can really shaker yer booty to the pirates above....(hahaha, pirates...booty...get it?)

If I zoom out, you can SURELY tell what I'm up to now....

Hoops!  'Hula' hoops (but not your toy store hoop).  No siree! These are handmade hoops made to work for Everybody and Every Body! These are Cirque-ular Hoops (squee! That's me!).  

What's the hoop-la about these hoops? 
What you buy in a toy store is a toy.  It weighs a few ounces, it isn't sturdy, and it's slippery...and if you've tried one it likely fell to the ground a million times.  My handmade hoops are built for adults (and kids), for real life and have these perks:
  • They weigh 1-3 lbs (not that you can tell) and when they spin around your body it is easier to keep the 'swing' or 'flow' of the hoop moving.  Less drops! Great workout.
  • They all have a layer of grippy tape that helps keep the hoop at the spot on your body you are choosing to hoop at (chest, waist, hips, legs)
  • Custom sizes from 38" - 52" (and more).  Variety!!
  • Bigger is better (and hard to find..until now!) 
    • Let's face it, when you are five, you can spin a cheerio around your body with great success. 
    • As an adult we take up more space within a hoop, therefore it is harder to spin a small hoop around our bodies.  If you are carrying any extra weight (I am plus-sized) or are bigger of frame, or are an absolute beginner...YOU NEED A BIGGER HOOP! 
    • Bigger hoops spin a little slower and easier around your body.  You will be able to practise your movement and flow and ease into success!  Eg.  Think about spinning something around your finger (zip zip zip) try spinning it around your wrist, it slows down and you have to work harder to get it to go the same speed as around your finger, right?
  • Custom taping is available, so you get a hoop that you love.
  • Service packages available:
    • re-taping (if you need a change)
    • re-sizing (if you want your hoop cut down a size)

Why do I hoop?
Well, it's a pretty amazing (and personal story) but I'll lay it out there for you in short form.

As I mentioned, I'm plus-sized (very much so).  I have weight related issues that could eventually be compromising to my health and over the last year I've been working hard to make better lifestyle choices.  Lose weight.  Eat healthy.  Exercise.  

These are not easy.  I mean, I really struggle!!
I've lost some weight, I'm eating healthier...exercise has always been a challenge.  I have hip pain and lets face it...being as heavy as I am, I cannot do many activities with ease.  If the hip gets hurt, I'm down for a few days...this does not help me! 

From stage right...enters hooping...totally by accident....
I was randomly searching the Internet for 'fun fitness' or something and completely stumbled upon a video of someone hooping.  I'm not talking just at the waist.  It was crazy...over the head, under the leg, around the body..up down...around.  I was mesmerized.  I said 'what on earth is this'....and then I found another video, this one completely opposite of the first.  THIS video was calm, flowing, dance like, graceful and almost meditative. 

I was in awe that a HOOP could provide athletic exercise as well as calm relaxing movement.
I needed this in my life!  I showed my husband (who is a brilliant handyman and creator of things)  and he said he could make me one.  and...HE DID.  

It's been great.  I can do this exercise.  I can go fast and really work my core and my legs/hips/thighs.  I can go slow. I can exercise my arms with the hoop, I can use the hoop to stretch....and it doesn't matter what size I am because this hoop is built for my body, and I can make it do what I need it to do.  I love being in charge!

Guess what? I rarely have hip pain anymore!  Yesterday was the first day in about six weeks, but I had neglected my hooping routine for three days. Mhm

I've also lost about an inch on each thigh (yay!)

So...I've told you things you may find interesting, or maybe you didn't want to know! heh heh.  Maybe you're in the same boat and understand my frustrations and my celebrations?  Please leave me a comment!  I'd love to hear from you all.

And...if you've made it all the way to the end of this post, please be a friend and come say hello on our facebook page.  There are some great people there and I do post pictures and some videos.  I would love to meet you. Click the link: Cirque-ular Hoops.


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leslie said...

have you figured out how to ship these babies yet? To the USofA? I might need to find a local hoopster. ;(

WV: inchme

saucersrus said...

How do we go about ordering these, what do they cost, and how much would shipping be to Albuquerque, NM??

Dreena Guptill said...

Hi Amy (saucersrus),

Thanks for your comments and questions!

I'd be happy to chat with you about hoop sizes, the decorative options available for taping and the cost/shipping price. If I have your zipcode I can also input the information into my Purolator account to work out the quote on shipping.

If you are on facebook please come to the Cirque-ular Hoops page and send me a private message


send me your email address via our gmail...that email is cirqueularhoops @ gmail . com (take out the spaces, i'm just trying to avoid spammers)

Dreena Guptill said...


We've got our account with Purolator set up.

I'll keep you posted on the development of the collapsible option that we were discussing for you.