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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

You Gotta Have Faith

Edited to Add:  Due to a large response from people who do not live in the area but wished they could take the classes, I am currently developing a plan to offer Faithbooking as an online class option.  

If you are interested in this class please leave me a comment or email me through the contact button on this blog and I'll be able to keep you informed.  You can also follow me on Facebook as Prairie Paperie for updates and to send me a message.

A few years ago I was very shy, very reserved (it's true!) and feeling creatively, spiritually and emotionally exhausted.

I found myself in contemplative prayer, after an interesting chapter in a Robert Fulghum book I was reading. I was wondering some of those 'mother phrases' (you know the things you mom may have yelled at you when you were little)?

 Oh you know what I mean...just say these like your mom is giving you what-for...

  • What on Earth do you think you're doing?
  • Who do you think you are?
  • What have YOU done?
You follow me now right? Ha!

So I prayed about these things, I wrote about these things, I journaled about these things.
What AM I doing here (on Earth?). What is my purpose? What are my talents, my gifts? Who DO I think I AM? What have I done...what will I do...who will I be...
Pretty huge? Yes, I thought so. How does this relate to papercrafting?

When you pray, God does listen.
If you ask Him these things, He will start to tell you. Believe me, you'd better listen because you are in for the ride of your life.
I was invited to a Stampin' Up! workshop, and I didn't even want to go, I hated the idea of papercrafting. GASP! However, I went...and I had a number of 'wow' moments that night. (It's a pretty cool story).
Within' 6 months of that party I was teaching crafting classes (remember I'm shy!) to complete strangers, to new friends, to old friends. I had a new business. New purpose. Direction....and then a new seed was planted. I was praying and I heard Him remind me that I had asked HIM to show me my gifts, my talents so that I could lead a purposeful life. I arrived in that moment and knew that I was meant to teach a faith-based series of scrapbooking classes.

  • Are you interested in learning answers to your Mother Questions?
  • Do you want to have fun and explore these topics (and more) in a group?
  • Do you want to encourage others?
  • Do you want to document this exploration of self and your Faith in a beautiful, fun and fresh way?
  • My faithbooking classes will allow you to start a fun, focused and uplifting journey (and learn a new hobby/craft), I invite you to join me.
If you have a home-group, church, or just a group of friends who would like to start faithbooking please email me by clicking on contact links above.

You can also send me a message on Twitter! My twitter account is @prairiepaperie

You can also join me on my facebook page Prairie Paperie, come say hello!

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So curious to hear the whole story! I wish I lived nearby because this sounds really neat. Is there a way that you could "coach" me via email? best of luck with this!

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