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Friday, April 30, 2010

Inspiration - A CREATIVE Challenge

Earlier today I threw down a CREATIVE challenge on the Prairie Paperie Facebook page to my readers and I want my blog readers to get in on the fun too!

The challenge springs forth from yesterday's blog post where I shared a card that I made.  You can read the blog post here (right after you finish reading this one!).

Here's the challenge:

1. Find something in your environment that inspires you, that pleases your eyes.

Good examples of places to look are:
  • signs
  • packaging
  • clothing
  • magazine ads
  • patterns in textiles
  • decorating
2. Figure out what you like about it?  The colour? The shape?....take note of these it down.

3. Translate the things that you like from your inspiration piece into a scrapbook page, a scrapbook layout or a card.

4. Go to the Prairie Paperie Facebook page and share you creative challenge piece!  Please leave us a photo and a comment....if there is a story, please share your story as well as your pictures! 

5. Not a Facebook user? No problem! Leave us a link to your creation here (using the Mr. Linky widget) so that we can go to your blog or online posting and leave you a comment!  (please ensure that you leave the direct link to the posting of your project, as we don't want to have to hunt for it!)

This was my inspiration piece...a portfolio from on of the schools in my city.  Here I just want you to notice the funky, retro look to the art, the modern and fresh colours, the cute bird....

Here is a close - up of the finished card

  • I did my best to colour match (in real life it is VERY close). 
  • I kept with the same layout, put my sentiment where they used a slogan or logo....
  • I 'cartoonized' my edges by distressing them/swiping them over my black ink pad...

I'm all kinds of happy about this!

So, what do you think?  Are you ready to play, want to take the CREATIVE CHALLENGE? 

Don't forget to visit the Prairie Paperie facebook page and become a fan....something fun happens when we reach 500. 

Itty bitty bit of groovy...there is a new widget near the bottom by the comments. It's a little tiny toolbar that enables you to instantly 'share'  my blog posts with others in your favourite social networks! It's itty bitty and down near the comments...please let me know if you use it, and if you like it.  Your feedback is important to me!

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Sharon said...

I used the 'tell a friend' for facebook just to see how it worked!

This challenge should be fun! I need to go look around and see what really catches my eye... I have a couple ideas already! :)

Mary Dawn said...

adorable! lvoe love love it

leslie (crook) said...

I am sooooo gonna play this one! Thanks for the challenge!

leslie said...

WHOOT! I'm first!

Sharon said...

I'm second! :)

leslie (crook) said...

I just entered AGAIN!

leslie (crook) said...

Since I don't know when to give it up, AND because you forgot to close the contest, I just entered a third creation. heh heh

FUN! Thanks!