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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Men Men Men...Manly Men (the card class)

Any fans of the TV show Two and a Half Men will know that I totally hijacked a snippet of the theme song for Today's post title (and the name of the card class), but i'm okay with that!

I love the show not only because of the fast and witty verbal exchange between characters, but also because my husband (my non-tv watching husband...wait that sounds like I have more than one husband...believe me there's only ONE and he doesn't like TV) watches, and he laughs out loud, full on laughter.

If there's one thing I love, it's laughter. Laughter makes my heart smile.

Laughter, feeling good, good times, simple things :) Where am i going with this? Well, last night was my Manly Men Card Class! (*cue song in my head again*) We made 5 masculine themed cards, and enjoyed several hours of stampy bliss!

I feel pretty satisfied with the end results.....

Several hours before the class I changed my mind on a couple of things because i found a VERY COOL technique for 'faux woodgrain' and then stumbled upon a few equally adorable wallet cards for father's day. And wellllll...if you see something cool and masculine, you gotta do it! As many stampers know, it's a challenge to come up with masculine themes/cards for giving to the men in our lives.

NOTE: As a ribbon-a-holic I'm proud to say that NOTHING (zip zero zilch nada) had ribbon on it. Oh wait, one had a itty bitty bit of twill tape, but it went with the theme...and it was not tied, beribboned, knotted or bowed!!! I promise!

So do you want to see the yummy things we made? YES?! I'm taking pictures of the projects for your eyeballs to celebrate over, and some fun links to share with you. Let me get all of my ducks in a row, and y'all come back soon!

In the meantime, have you checked out the art gallery and videos on my stampin' up! homepage? You totally should! The video demos from head office are exceptionally well done. While you're there please check my calendar and see if there is any class that tickles your fancy (and check out our new business special too). Click here.

Now i must go make like a camera and be back in a FLASH. (HAR HAR HAR!)
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